PAWA Dominicana



The latest Dominican Republic's flag carrier was PAWA Dominicana, which was established in 2003. Being the nation's flag carrier, it represented the Dominican Republic as a global ambassador. It had a considerable cultural impact on the region with ten operational routes, including the main ones connecting Miami and New York to Santo Domingo, as well as eight more routes inside the Caribbean. 

Symbolizing national pride and presenting the Dominican Republic's rich culture, history, and hospitality, PAWA Dominicana once soared the skies.

I took upon the former PAWA Dominicana brand in order to give it new life as a defunct airline. This was done during my studies in Harbour.Space at the course "Designing Space's Brand Experiences" course, taught by Diego Marini, that enabled me to advance this idea further than I had anticipated.

A special thanks also goes out to Alicia Blázquez, Barney Abramson, and Liz Oh for their guidance, advice, and support during the project.


Become the Beloved choice for travelers

We strive to become the go-to airline of for those visiting our country and traveling around the region. 

Providing a sustainable service, to conserve our island full of life, formed by a diverse and inclusive crew, that represents our island. We look to forge a culture, cared by our team and loved by our customers. That will enable us to become the leaders in the region.

We fly, because we love it. We have fun doing it, we care about it, and because of this we pour our heart to it.


The Cigua Palmera, referred to as the Palm Chat, is our primary brand’s device.The Dominican Republic’s national bird, the Cigua Palmera is a rare species that is unique to that country.

The species is so rare that a new family and genus of bird had to be established specifically for it.

By spreading the seeds of the fruits, it consumes throughout its habitat, the Palm Chat helps to conserve and preserve the fragile balance of the Dominican Republic’s natural ecosystem. This concept is further embodied across the brand, representing the new sprouts of the new identity of PAWA Dominicana, lifted by our national bird.

Every trip with PAWA Dominicana is meant to be special and unforgettable. Every one of our aircraft has a tail that matches the livery of our fleet, but they are all unique, just like every journey is.

Our liveries' colors, which change throughout the year to symbolize the various regions we serve, are used. For instance, one tail could stand in for the Caribbean, another for North America, and yet another for Latin or South America.

Incorporated in the brand are the topographical isolines elements, representing the geography of the origin of the products we serve. From the ingredients used in our seasonal menu's, the rich coffee of the south to the indulgent dark chocolate of the northern coast, our brand reflects the diverse and vibrant flavors of our beloved country.