Each year, YummyColours meditates on the coming year by exploring hopes, dreams, doubts, and questions, and synthesizing compelling ideas into a comprehensive idea. 

This idea becomes the Concept of the Year—a concept shared with participants to interpret as they wish.

It takes shape as a physical printed piece, organized into six sections by theme, and a website that includes submissions from 60+ international creators, from writers and activists to scientists, technologists, performers, and photographers.

"I have been wandering through the unknown, exploring strange and mysterious places.

The clusters have been appearing to me in various locations, and I am determined to uncover the truth behind them.

I have ventured deep into caves, travelled across endless deserts, climbed to the top of mountains, and even trespassed on private property in pursuit of these clusters."

An excerpt from the Explorer's Journal, detailing their explorations. 

The Explorer Journal's is part of a series of conceptual recollection of a cluster of consciousness spans across different locations.

Studio Shots


The concept for my project came to me unexpectedly while I was engaged in another task. I began to draw down my thoughts and ideas as they came to me, illustrating them in a loose as they came. I used a napkin and a marker as my canvas and let my thoughts guide my hand as I drew.

I found the results of this exercise to be intriguing, which lead me to invite others to participate in the same exercise. Once collected their results, scanned them, and used them, to create the cluster colors and shapes for the final project.

Some of the sketches, from the participants that collaborated me with their thoughts.

Discover more about the project and view other creative submissions at: